Nottingham Relays Race Report – 2013

Leeds took part in the annual Ed Prickett memorial relays at Nottingham uni. Ed Prickett was a runner for Notts Uni and was tragically killed whilst attending the BUCS athletics competition. To commemorate him one of his running spikes was dipped in Bronze and is annually awarded to the fastest runner of the day by Ed’s parents.

The journey south was rather uneventful, Lucy “towering over your head” Crookes did however attempt to do a “Buswell” whilst trying to put her headlights on in some foggy conditions, whacking Tom Powell’s head on the window in the process. After Edinburgh you would have thought she might find the lights before setting off.

We arrived in Nottingham in plenty of time. First race of the day was the ladies. Representing Leeds Uni we had Sarah Marsden up first. Not having done too much mileage since injury she had a sensible race but at least this time she got to finish, unlike the previous Wednesday. Next up was Qianyi Zann Ng who stepped it up a level and gained three places. Last up was Rachel Friend who takes the title of fastest lass of the day who gained another two places but lost one finishing up in 14th place overall. The ladies watched the lads’ race and then departed allowing us to have a lad’s night out plus honorary lad Lucy Crookes.

The lads had been devised into three teams, two Uni teams and a Doss team. Phil was first up and led the way finishing the first leg in a decent first place. Freddie Slemeck crossed the line for the Doss team, one of many lines to be crossed that day. Alzheimers then placed the fastest time for the B team; he could have been quicker but stopped to reminisce about his time at university in Nottingham, before remembering he was supposed to be racing and got back on it. Second leg saw the pace step down a notch, with Alex Bellew losing two places on the way round, this wasn’t the only time he got beaten that day (the second came from a man with a cardigan). Tom Powell kept the B team in the mix with his speed, which was good practice for going on the run from the law later that night. DJ “big cat” Crizzle took the Doss team out of the mix as people flowed past him faster than the contents of his stomachs did later on. Third legs saw a decent effort by Glenn Phair equalling the time of Chris Smith, which wasn’t the only great time they shared that day as they also spent the evening sleeping in a car having dealt with the aforementioned Crizzle. Dan Whittle took the B team down a gear but still a decent effort. Elliot “got fat” Jackson, wobbled his way around the course in a time that was only slightly faster than Crizzle’s. This gave him the first of the worst title but also prevented Crizzle from winning a substantial amount of money had he beaten Jackson. Final legs saw Josh Stone maintain the A teams current position. Dave’s run was only half as impressive as his ability to pull a certain member of the Nottingham team (it’s alright Stringer it wasn’t your sister, though she did give her number to Elliot). Alex Bellew’s second leg was decent although he prefers to show off his third leg. Phil narrowly missed out on the Bronze boot by four seconds but came away with silver as the second fastest runner of the day. The A team were the third fastest uni team and took away Bronze medals.

Had the day stopped here it would have been a successful weekend, however we carried on to make it one of the most memorable weekends of the year. The evening entertainment kicked off with a trip to the pub to drown our sorrows as we watched Wales give England a sound thrashing in the rugby. We then partook in what is known as a travelling dinner party. This works by one house

hosting the starter, then you move on to another for a main and then move on once more for dessert.

The house we were staying at hosted the starter and we carried on drowning our sorrows. On route to house number two Bellew and Elliot followed the wrong people and walked into a random person’s house, they were quickly shown the exit. The main course of chilli was served up along with a box of punch, I feel this was Nottingham’s error and the turning point of the evening.

The route to the final house saw Bellew and Elliot walk into another random person’s house, before arriving for dessert. Dessert consisted of jelly, so after helping myself to a large bowl full I then discovered the jelly had a secret vodka ingredient. It was this house I had a panicked Tom Powell come up to me and say, “we need to change tops the police are after me”, and after initially wanting to go on the run he was convinced by excaptain Freddie to hide under a bed instead.

Now there was a longer report detailing the entire goings on from later on that night, but sometimes it’s best to follow the rules of fight club and not to talk about fight club. Some highlights however include; DJ’s dad driving from Leicester to collect him, TP calling a transvestite mate, TP being refused entry to a club for looking too casual, Dan Whittle taking offence to this, the bouncer taking offence to Dan taking offence and Crizzle being described as “the vilest man I’ve ever met”. Mix into that some fire extinguishers, Dan’s stolen burger, some ponies and policemen, you would then be half way to understanding what happened. You would also be a lot more informed than DJ Crizzle who was present for the weekend.

The next morning we made it to the Nottingham Sunday run much to the surprise of our hosts who had this to say about us on facebook;

Tom Crowley to Andy Watt- Kathy said she’s got no Leeds oiks at hers, are they at yours?

Tom Mahon- Andy was supposed to be having them. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few spent the night in a cell!

We showed them by arriving on time and before any of the Nottingham lot. We also managed to put in a solid 8 miles despite our predicament from the night before. Tom Powell however struggled to keep pace and looked rather the worse for wear at the end.

This was a brilliant warm up for the Isle of Man and I’m looking forward to the tenth edition next year; I hear the social is going to be wild.


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