Leeds Relays Race Report – 2012

Leeds relays

Following on from Tom Powell as press secretary was thought to be an impossible task: but then so was downing a pint of urine without throwing up. So you’ll just have to put up with another Dave race report.

Minutes from the meeting 1st December 2012, held at Bodington fields


John Wills Josh Stone Glenn Phair Jacob Clark Freddie Slemeck

Finn Luke Buswell Phil Sesemann Tom Powell Josh Woodcock-Shaw

Shan Beau Smith Dan Whittle Fiona Wiles Josh Ridley

Johnny Wells DJ Crizzle Ashley Bailey Catherine Garbutt Bronwyn Hodgins

Lucy Crookes Caroline Ford Matt Evans Bethan Davies Richard Jarram

Jocelyn Payne Rachel Friend Met Catherine Whitfield Laura Boehm

Qianyi Ng Alex Bellew Doss Bethan Hammond Rebecca Jameson

Ellie Salvidge Alehouse Ann-Marie Moore Hannah Riechert Tabitha Bryant

Becky Hilton John Imrie Louise Braine Katie Donnelly Amy Brander

Gold Coast

Apologies for absence

Rob Johnson- Either dead or in jail (hopefully neither), the only two feasible options that would keep him away from an event

Colleen Wilson- Busy wrestling bears, I presume this is what Canadians do in their spare time

James Stringer- Missed the race despite setting up the course the day before

Sarah Marsden- ? (Dan any ideas)

Edinburgh Haries- Still crying in Scotland after their defeat by the hands (more accurately feet) of Lucy Crookes

Alzheimers- He forgot to turn up

Approval of last year’s minutes

It was decided that last year’s race had been such a great success everyone should come back to Bodington once again for another edition of Leeds relays. Proposed by Bethan Davies, seconded by Chris Smith.

Matters arising

The course – It was decided that this would be left to the expertise of Greg Hull. Using his wisdom the course was set around the perimeter including a few inclines. Teams would be made of three for the girls and four for the boys. Finn raised an objection to the inclusion of inclines as he thought it may put off members with Acrophobia (a fear of heights), and proposed this may be the reason for the lack of Rob Johnson.

The ladies race- First legs were completed by Lucy “Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly” Crookes who came round in 7th place, exactly a minute later Bethan Davies came along, Laura Boehm made her mark in a very respectable 14:22, then Rachel Friend, closely followed by Tabitha Bryant, Bethan Hammond, and Louise Braine. Next to take the baton were Caroline Ford and Fiona Wiles, Rebecca Jameson over took the F teams Qianyi Ng, Ann-Marie put the D team back in front of the E team by overtaking Becky Hilton. Last over for this round was Katie Donnelly. Last leg for the ladies was completed by our favourite Canadian in attendance Bronwyn Hodgins bringing the A team home in 5th place. Jocelyn’s solid effort,12:46, put the B team in 11th. Catherine Whitfield had a good performance, followed by Ellie Salvidge, Hannah Riechert, Catherine Garbutt and last lady of the day was Amy Brander. The Leeds uni A team finished in front of Met and Alehouse which puts us in good stead for the start of next year. Lucy proposed that this was a good effort on all parts and was pleased with her ladies turnout and performances; the motion was seconded by club captain Bethan Davies.

Lads- John Wills led the way with an impressive lap, which remained the third fastest for the rest of the day. His performance was backed up by Josh Stone, Glenn Phair and Jacob Clark for the A team to finish 6th overall. The B team were represented by Freddie Slemeck, Josh Woodcock-Shaw, Luke Boswell (it’s what you’re called on the results) and Phil Sesemann who unforgivably ran a faster time for the Leeds Uni triathlon club than he did for us. The D team finished 15th with some good performances by Finn, Shan and Tom Powell, however another triathlon star’s second leg didn’t match his first, proving it’s never as good with a triathlete second time round (ladies you’ve been warned). The C and E teams had quite a fight at the start with the extremely handsome (I would) Matthew Evans battling it out with Dan Whittle with the former unfortunately ending up trailing by 7 seconds. Richard Jarram and DJ “the predator” Crizzle, took the mantle, Jarram extended the C’s lead and claimed to overtake other runners. DJ Crizzle strongly objected to this motion and counter claimed that although his lead may have been extended at no point did Jarram catch anyone up. The committee were unable to come to any conclusions and so the case is due to be resolved by Judge Judy Schneider early next year. Josh Ridley and Johnny Wells extended the C teams lead to an uncatchable margin, but John Imrie and Ashley Bailey gave it a go anyway. Luke Buswell requested that it was put on record that Leeds Uni finished two places above our biggest rivals, Alehouse. He also requested that we wipe any mention of the Met winning from the record.

Chief photographer- Despite his injuries, Bellew was able to attend and managed to take some stunning pictures of the local talent. Glenn Phair congratulated Bellew on all the hard work he puts in to his photography skills and was impressed at some of the angles he’d taken.

Evening shenanigans- It was ruled that the contents of Tom Powell’s dirty pint was pretty awful however he should have guessed what it contained having been handed it from Bellew. It was also noted that Bronwyn Hodgins had continued on her quest to build bridges between Doss and Alehouse obviously not realising that this war has been raging for a lot longer than her country has existed. It was decided she’ll just have to accept that the way we feel about Alehouse is the same as Canadians feel about America. DJ “predator” Crizzle failed to live up to his predatory ways.

Election of new press secretary

With the demotion of Tom Powell to men’s race captain it left the most prized committee role open. Nominations were put forward with only one candidate, Dave, proposed by Tom Powell, seconded by Matt Evans. Dave was asked to give a short speech as to why he wished to take on this role, his main reasons for standing were, “I’ve been to most of the races this term and I’m normally one of the last to go home on the socials so I see everything that happens, bar any whiskey related incidents”

Any Other Business

DJ “predator” Crizzle appears to have been tamed and thus it was proposed his name should be changed to reflect this. The meeting decided that domestic cat was too far a downgrade and so he shall be known as DJ “big cat” Crizzle.

Future events

BUCS- To be held once again at Bodington fields due to the success of Leeds relays.

Isle of Man- You better all be going

London Marathon- Now taking bets on whether Bellew will make it to the start line

Tour de France 2014- This will also now start off from the infamous Bodington fields due to the successful running of many events there, (take that you Haries).

Date of next meeting

19th January- Cross Country Varsity- Lets show the Met how it’s done

Written according to

South Eastern Education and Library Board



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