Summer report – 2012

Summer report


            Our generous captain has asked me to dust off my top notch journalistic  skills over the summer as unbelievably I got re-elected as press officer, despite annoying several people with my cut-throat style and along the way smashing an easter egg.  So anyway Bethan has politely asked me to produce a grammatically sound body of work to inform the british public on some of the activities the Doss have been getting up to this summer. At this point however I should point out to any future freshers who are reading these for a bit of background on the club, press officer is the most prestigious position within the team (obvious I know, I just wanted to avoid any confusion).  I also thought it polite to ask Bethan to write a forward, but I thought it easier to write one for her as its obvious what she would say.

Forward – ‘Bethan Davies’


            “Becoming the captain is a huge honour for me and I am extremely proud to have the number two position within the club. I am also proud to head the best committee the club has seen in years. I also feel having Luke Buswell as mens race captain is a huge bonus, and I’m sure he won’t cause any controvosy when picking men’s teams” (note sarcastic tone for latter statement)


            This summer has proved very eventful for the Doss and many events have taken place for Leeds athletes.

            The biggest summer event for students this year of course was chunder mile with some inconsistent performances round.  Peter Webster led the way with some insane drinking and running skills and ended up thrashing the rest of the field. Not entirely sure on the time, but re-watching the video still makes me feel slightly poorly, its almost as bad as breathing in Lancashire air. Adam “back on the road”/”Gricey” Grice finished in second with a decent gap between him and third place Bethan Davies. Davies , the only woman in the field, unbelievably completed the pint, lap, pint, lap, pint, lap, pint, lap downing pints of gravy. A stunning achievement, possibly matching those of the Brownlee brothers in the Olympics (they will be discussed later). Davies claimed her amazing run was down to some revolutionary early morning training “I sprint flat out for two hundred yards as soon as I leave the house, thus eliminating the embarrassing run for the bus as it pulls away from the bus stop”. I should also note that after the chunder mile some of us went out for lunch and Bethan had yet more gravy with her dinner! Behind Bethan Elliot Jackson finished fourth, a disappointing performance from the pre-race favourite. Tom Powell and Danny Jones finished fifth and sixth ironically in a sprint finish after the two trotted round for the first three and a half laps. Note: Unbelievably John Cocker missed this

The Leeds endurance athletes have particularly impressed this summer with Danny Jones, Jocelyn Payne, Lucy Crooks and  Jimmy Gardner being in decent nick (Gardner recently to a lesser extent).

Payne is in the middle of her latest marathon campaign in which 2hrs 55 is the target. When asked for a quote on her training she said “Sure, I’m running 90+ miles a week with just over 7 weeks to go. I’m trying to get my preparations perfect so that I can get the 2.55 which I tried to get in London but missed. I’m really appreciating having so many LUUCCC members (past and present!) and other runners as company for the hardest sessions and long runs as they are pretty lonely if you have to do every one by yourself! This season I’m adding lots of things to aid the running training, like strength and conditioning, aqua-aerobics, weights and yoga, and really trying to get my nutrition and resting spot-on. However, I am a little surprised I didn’t get the call to replace Paula when she pulled out of the Olympic Marathon… perhaps they couldn’t find my number?”

And she’s right as there are many students who run and train at the club in the summer, with Simon O’Meara at the top of the pecking order. Actually this reminds me of a funny story. We were doing a session on the grass next to the hockey pitches at the Leeds Met track complexes. Anyway the hockey pitches are surrounded by these massive fences and at the top of one was an owl. It just so happened Martin Roscoe (the fastest 3k runner in the country) attended and started coming out with all these facts about it being a specific type of owl due to characteristic ears and it being out at a certain type of day, and that the owl probably escaped from captivity. When we approached the owl, it ended up being made of plastic!

Danny Jones also competed in the UK iron man (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile cycle and marathon)  and finished the race in  13 hours and 6 mins. This is unbelievable stuff and he attributed this to his diet and passed on his wisdom by saying  “Thicken up low fat yoghurt, by adding a spoonful of yard”. The iron man incidentally took place 5 mins walk from my house and I said I would go and watch, however I then learned it started at six in the morning and I fancied a lie in. Sorry Danny.

Lucy has made some massive strides this year (I mean in terms of improvement, not that she has massive legs, then again she doesn’t have short legs either, infact on second thoughts she does have slightly larger than average legs so she proably has made some massive strides in both senses of the word), and has finished 4th in a trial race for the European champs and gained her first England vest, which as history tells us will end up in extreme arrogance and dislike from the masses over the next year. She has also run 9.52 on the track (for 3k- not 100m unfortunately) which has qualified her to run in a grand prix as part of the diamond league. If she carries on at this rate Alex Bellew may even class her as a “Big Cat” (as supposed to dog, but I changed it to cat given her female nature).

James Gardner has been in the process of running 12 half marathons in 12 months and after doing a brill job for 7, running like 1hr 20mins or something like that, which is seriously shifting. But now unfortunately judging by the pictures has twisted his ankle and has taken a temporary break in his challenge.  I thought he maybe able to do a bit of cycling to keep his fitness up, but James couldn’t afford a bike. Unfortunately he has no money and decided to ask God for a bike. Obviously God doesn’t work this way so he ended up stealing a bike and asked god for forgiveness.

Oh and just remember to mention Bethan Davies came third in the UK championships. Well done lass!

I also just remembered to write a few lines about Johnny ( I coach him) and Alistair Brownlee who finished first and third in the Olympic triathlon, two Leeds university students. Potential students may have heard that Alistair is a student at Leeds Met. I will point out that this is a downright lie! There medals also took Yorksire in the medal table to about 10th which is a great performance from Gods home country.

So finally can’t wait for a new term in the so-called “movember month”, and recently theres been hints about a fanuary for the ladies to join in……… Personally I’m enjoying ‘whoregust’

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