PECO League Race Report – 2011

Powell gives inspirational performance and the other guys did ok too

As Martin Luther King once said “I have a dream”, Tom Powell’s dream was to complete a race without running like a little girl, a feat which he has not accomplished since BUCS last February.

His day got off to a great start when Powell woke up, still feeling slightly jaded from loosing his Fruity virginity, was ready to try and regain some of the form that caused him to win Stockport Park run and Manchester Park run within the space of a month! He was saved from walking the short distance to the race start (approx. 10 miles) by club veteran Jocelyn Payne who very kindly offered to give Powell, together with Alex Jeffreys and Amicia Lee, a lift. The team prepared themselves for the race by listening to the Beatles’ Red Album. Powell and Payne were the John and Paul of the group by dominating the vocals and singing really loudly for a lot of the journey, Amicia did very well by occasionally contributing to form some stunning 3 part tight harmonies to “Ticket to ride”. Alex was clearly the Ringo of the group by not contributing to the music at all.

At the actual race (what these reports are meant to be about) the start got under-way with a very large field of several hundred runners with all four runners from the university executing clinical starts despite the course being designed the runners cutting through a gap in a hedge about 90 seconds into the race which caused some severe waiting for some of the runners in the bulk of the field. However overall it was a pretty decent course with some long stretching hills, the up hills inconveniently made much harder by a viscous wind smashing into your face. After settling into the race Powell was in the top 20 and gradually moved himself into the top 10 throughout the race however his lack of mileage started to show in the last few minutes and lost several places to finish 13th. Jeffreys ran an aggressive race from the gun, causing Powell to get very nervous and hot under the collar as there was not a lot between the two athletes for the first 10 minutes, to finish a great 26th. Jocelyn Payne continued her form which made her the highest ranked marathon runner in the country for an U-23 by finishing 2nd in a race much shorter than her preferred distance. Amicia Lee finished (not sure where as results aren’t up yet) and amusingly said “Avoid jet lag by simply taking an earlier flight, thus arriving fully refreshed and on time”

In post-race analysis with ex-race captain with Alex Bellew, Bellew commented on the obvious strength of the field otherwise Powell would have inevitably finished in the top 10. In fact rumour has it that the PECO league will serve as the selection criteria for the UK cross country team this winter, rather than the traditional UK cross challenge. Bellew also commented on Amicia Lee’s comment, claiming it was a rubbish tip saying “Single Men: Convince people you have a girlfriend by standing outside Topshop with bags of shopping, looking at your watch and occasionally glancing inside – now that is a proper tip”


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