Below is the general structure of our training, feel free to come to as many or as little as you want. It will vary a little each week, so the best way to follow what is going on is through out Facebook page.

Monday: 3/5/7/9 mile run, meet outside Cromer Terrace Gym – 1830hrs

Tuesday: Rep session at Bodington, meet outside Headingley Sainsbury’s – 1810hrs

Wednesday: Strength and Conditioning 11am-12pm, Gryphon’s Room at The Edge. Also, Get Out Get Active run, Cromer Terrace – 1830hrs

Thursday: Rep session at Weetwood, meet outside Headingley Sainsbury’s – 1740hrs

Friday: Get Out Get Active run, Cromer Terrace – 1830hrs


Sunday: Longer run, meet at Skyjack pub, see Facebook for details nearer the time.

For days where no formal training is arranged, runs are usually organised through the group Facebook page.

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